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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Confusion about Inaccuracies

I would like to clear up any confusion and clarify remarks made on a STATter911.com interview and posted on his blog. On July 14, 2009, shortly after being unanimously confirmed by the 9 Prince George’s County Council members, Fire Chief Eugene A. Jones joined Dave Statter in an interview about different items of interest. One of the items discussed was an incident involving a volunteer fill-in crew at Oxon Hill Fire/EMS Station #821.

Read the story here from STATter911.com:

That didn't take long: DC's chief waited two-years before questioning the accuracy of one of our stories. The new PGFD chief waited about two-minutes. In our interview just after he was confirmed by the council, Chief Eugene Jones claimed the STATter911.com story about a volunteer fill-in crew not wanting to run the ambulance was "hearsay" and "inaccurate". We lay it all out for you here.

In the interview, Fire Chief Jones does not intend to question the accuracy of Mr. Statters original story on the incident, Jones questions the internal documentation anonymously provided to Statter that lacks any investigative authority.

An official notation was made by the on-duty Major concerning this matter as was relayed to him by others involved and familiar with the matter. A copy of the notation provided to Statter, provided by unknown sources, is correctly reflected on STATter911.com.

When Fire Chief Jones saw the notation he immediately noticed that an official investigation, including; an on-site visit, interviews and statements with persons involved, were not initiated or completed. This lack of investigative documentation is the reason that Chief Jones stated the premature information provided was based on “hearsay” and may be “inaccurate”.

It is not Dave’s reporting on this matter, simply the information provided to him. A review is still underway of the circumstances of July 8, 2009, concerning this matter and, if needed, appropriate action will be taken if it is discovered that SOP’s and General Orders were violated. It should also be noted that Ambulance 821 was not dispatched on any incidents during this time.

I hope his clears up any confusion about the reporting of this incident.

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