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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department’s Bomb Squad investigated a suspicious package found on the campus of the University of Maryland. The Bomb Squad was notified just before 2:30 PM, Wednesday, August 5, 2009, by the University of Maryland Police Department concerning a suspicious package. The package was located near the courtyard entrance to the McKeldin Library and was not immediately identifiable, however, appeared to have the appearance of an explosive device.

About 40 Bomb Squad Technicians, Fire Investigators, Firefighters and Paramedics worked with the Campus Police Department and University Officials to limit access to the area. McKeldin Library was evacuated and a large perimeter extended into the courtyard mall.

Attempts to identify the contents using various technologies were not successful and a Bomb Technician had to physically examine it. After a through examination the Bomb Squad determined the device was non-explosive. While the package had a suspicious appearance it turned out to be “balloon weight” and considered a “good intent” call for service.

This type of device is believed to have been used to hold a large or several smaller helium balloons at a recent event. The Bomb Squad cleared the scene at about 4:30 PM and the Campus Police were in the process of returning the scene to normal.

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