PGFD Employees of the Month

Prince George’s County Fire Chief Eugene A. Jones recently had the opportunity to present Employee of the Month Awards to three deserving members of the Fire/EMS Department. Employees of the Month, Supervisors of the Month and Use of Technology Award are presented to individuals after being nominated by their respective Lt. Colonel.
Employee of the Month – June 2010

Fire Lieutenant Daniel R. Schrader

Awarded in recognition of his tireless and professional work in redrafting of Prince George’s County Subtitle 11. Your efforts are beneficial to members of the Fire/EMS Department as well as to the citizens and residents that we service.

Co-Employees of the Month for July 2010

Assistant Manager Diana B. Spears
Administrative Assistant IV Jerome A. Parker

Awarded for their tenacious oversight and assistance with the Management Services Command in providing the Department the capability to ensure that we control non-critical costs and spend at the proper pace, in order to maintain adequate funding for the entire year. The utilization of this fiscal tracking system also affords us an unprecedented level of transparency, accountability and more efficient management of both the 51 (career) and 52 (volunteer) budgets.

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month!!!