Tips for Your Plants During Water Restrictions

WSSC is providing these tips on collecting water to use on your outside flowers and plants. Also check out our Top Ten List of Fire Safety Tips to try during the mandatory water restrictions at

Draft-Tips on Keeping Your Plants Happy

During Mandatory Restrictions


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WSSC's Mandatory Restrictions require that WSSC customers NOT use WSSC water on their lawns, gardens and other landscaping. But here are some ways that your landscape can still keep green during the mandatory water restrictions:

1.Place one to two inches of mulch around your plants.
2.Use water from bathing or washing dishes. Soap will not harm plants
3.Use water from cooking vegetables or pasta.
4.Collect rainwater and use it on the plants that need the most help.
5.Collect water from your shower rather than letting it go down the drain.
6.While waiting for you shower to heat up, collect that water in a bucket for your plants.
7.In the kitchen, rather than letting the water run until the water is cold (or hot), collect the water and use it for your plants.
8.Use water collected from your dehumidifier on your plants.
9.In the future, drought-tolerant plants make a lovely garden. For an example, go to WSSC's demonstration garden at Brighton Dam Visitor's Center's parking lot.

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Mark E. Brady