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Friday, June 1, 2012

Stay Informed-Stay Ready-Stay Safe with Severe Weather

The National Weather Service is forecasting potential strong storms moving through Prince George’s County this afternoon and evening. These storms could produce damaging winds, torrential rain, thunderstorms and flooding.

Citizens and residents are advised to take appropriate precautions now to stay safe.

Stay informed by monitoring local news broadcasts about approaching weather.

Stay ready to take quick actions in the event of hazardous weather including remaining indoors and going to the lowest possible level or floor and if possible in a room with no windows. Have your emergency kit ready. For additional information on preparing your emergency kit visit www.ready.gov.

Stay Informed, Stay Ready, Stay Safe.

Flood Safety Tips... • Never try to walk, swim, or drive through swift-moving floodwater. If you must walk in a flooded area, walk where the water is not moving. Remember, 2 feet of water will float your vehicle and 6 inches of fast moving floodwater can knock you off your feet. • If you come upon flood waters, STOP, TURN AROUND AND GO ANOTHER WAY!! • Do not attempt to drive through a flooded road. • If your car stalls, leave it and seek higher ground, if you can do so safely. • Stay informed about the storm and possible flooding by listening to your NOAA weather radio, commercial radio, Internet or television.

In the event of a power outage – do not use candles!!! – Use battery powered flashlights and lanterns. Ensure that all power switches on electrical appliances are in the “off” position. This will avoid a fire hazard when power is restored.

Treat all downed utility lines as if they are energized. Deny access to the area of the downed wire and notify 911. Never touch or handle a downed utility line.

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