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Saturday, January 23, 2016

After the Winter Storm

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930
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Just because the snow has stopped falling, or will very soon, the storm is not over.  High gusty winds are forecast through the day Sunday and there is plenty of clean-up yet to be done.  This was a big snow storm and big work is needed before everything returns to somewhat normal.

The Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department urges everyone to remain at home until transportation and public safety officials give the “all-clear” for driving.   There are still several precautions to take after the winter storm is over.

Our Department of Public Works, state Highway Administration and municipalities have been doing tremendous job in clearing roads so public safety vehicles can pass.  It is reasonable to believe that most primary and secondary roads will have some lanes passable on Sunday.  Neighborhood roads as well as parking lots could be snow covered into the early part of the week.  Driving will be of primary concern.  Pedestrians will resort to walking in the road with a lack of cleared sidewalks.  Roads will still be hazardous to drive.  Use extreme caution.

Similar to our recommendations before and during the winter storm, we ask everyone to:

·      Stay Informed - by TV, radio, Internet and newspapers

·      Stay Ready – Just because it has stopped snowing does not mean its OK to travel or resume normal activity

·      Stay Safe – Use common sense and keep Safety First

·      Clean all snow and ice off of your vehicle including the roof.  Chunks of snow and ice could fly off of car tops and damage other vehicles and cause injuries

·      Snow accumulated on tree branches and utility lines may eventually cause them to fall - keep in mind the gusty winds will be here through Sunday

·      Drive with your headlights on and make sure you have plenty of window cleaning fluid

·      Downed power lines – treat every downed power line as a live power line and call your utility provider

·      Be careful when moving tree limbs or trees as utility wires may be involved.  Call 311 to report downed trees that are blocking roadways.

·      Please clear snow from all sidewalks and fire hydrants that are on your property.

·      Walk slowly and beware of invisible ice.  Snow will melt during the day and refreeze at night causing hazardous walking and driving conditions.  Take due caution

·      Check on neighbors and elderly family members - clear their sidewalks for them

·      Watch out for potholes and possible flooding and re-freezing from melting snow

Stay indoors on Sunday and enjoy some NFL Championship Football!!!

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