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Monday, February 1, 2016

Safety First Day of the Month of February - Time to Press to Test

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February 1, 2016, the start of the month that includes Valentines Day.  It is also our Safety First Day of the Month.  Combine the two and lovingly demonstrate to your valentines you will do everything possible to keep them safe.  Flowers, a gift and dinner are good but what about the gift of potentially saving their life, priceless.  "Press to Test" your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms today to ensure your loved ones are protected from the devastation of fire and CO.  Every 1st day of every month is designated as the day to test your smoke and CO alarms to ensure they emit that life saving alert.  Simply press the test button on the front of the alarm.

This past month we tragically lost four family members in a Chillum house fire where no working smoke alarm was found.  Don't let this happen to you.  Test your alarms and if they are old or not working replace them with new 10-year alarms.

Lets set the example to show how much you truly love the ones we can protect and live with and PGFD will help by reminding you every month.    

On the first day of every month, regardless of whatever day it is, simply press the test button on the cover of your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.  What is important to note here is that you need to have smoke and CO alarms installed in your home for you to keep your resolution.

When you "Press to Test"

If you hear the audible warning – you are good for another month.

No audible warning?? – provide a fresh battery in your alarms and re-test.

Audible warning??  Yes – you are good until next month!!!  No tones – remove the alarm and replace it with a new 10-year alarm.

While you’re tending to your alarms – remove any dust or other particles from your alarm by dusting or using a vacuum.  Remember these alarms could be the difference between life and death of you and your family.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors - Keep in mind that some of our neighbors may not physically be able to reach their alarms to test or change batteries.  If you have senior citizens family members or neighbors, please, perform this lifesaving function for them. They may not ask for help but they certainly could use some.

Anyone that can not afford to purchase their own 10-year smoke alarm or batteries to rejuvenate your 9-volt alarms may call 311 and make arrangements for a firefighter to visit your home and install these life saving items for you.

Remember that it is now a law for homes that have gas service, fireplace and/or an attached garage are required to have CO alarms installed on every level of your h.

The Fire/EMS Department strongly endorses the use of 10-year, tamper proof with hush feature smoke and CO alarms on every level of your home, outside of sleeping areas and in every bedroom.

Also, design a exit drill in your home and identify two ways out of every room in the event of a fire.  Designate a safe meeting place outside and practice you exit drill at least twice a year.

**  Hint **  Other monthly tasks such as changing filter furnaces, providing our pets with monthly medications, etc. can be done on the safety first day of the month as well.

Install CO alarms on every level of your home, primarily, just outside of sleeping areas.

Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, primarily, just outside of sleeping areas and in every bedroom.  Sleep with your bedroom door closed.  

Plan and practice an exit drill in the home.  Identify 2 ways out of every room in your house and a safe meeting place outside.

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