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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Firefighter Awarded for Saving a Life

Fire Fighter Medic Rachel M. Edney and Fire Chief Eugene A. Jones during award presentation.
Emmett Johnson, Fire Fighter/Medic Edney, Jeff Novotny (Liberty Mutual Branch Manager) and Fire Chief Eugene Jones during Firemark Award Presentation.

An off-duty firefighter that placed herself in harms way to save the life of another person received well-deserved recognition today. On February 1, 2009, Prince George’s County Fire Fighter/Medic Rachel M. Edney was at an Edgewater restaurant located on the South River in the Edgewater area of Anne Arundel County. She responded to calls for help coming from the dock area and quickly realized that a man had fallen from the docks and into the freezing waters of the South River. Without hesitation or fear of her own safety she entered the water and was able to pull the drowning man from underneath the water to the surface. She held the man above water until additional help arrived.

Prince George’s Fire Chief Eugene A. Jones joined with representatives from Liberty Mutual at the Seat Pleasant Fire/EMS Station this morning, Tuesday, August 11, 2009, to recognize Fire Fighter/Medic Edney. Twenty years ago Liberty Mutual started honoring America’s firefighters with the prestigious Firemark Award. Emmett Johnson, Liberty Mutual Insurance Agent, while making the award presentation stated, "While fires and life threatening events are riddled with chaos and tragedy, they also spotlight the tremendous good displayed by our nations firefighters; good that is embodied by the selfless deeds of brave men and women who enter burning homes to save victims, or in this case dive into freezing waters to save a life regardless if they are on or off-duty. Such Deeds need to be recognized." He presented the award by saying, "With honor, I present you with the Liberty Mutual Firemark Award."

Fire Chief Jones presented Edney with a Fire/EMS Department "Emergency Services Award." During his remarks he said, "Despite being off-duty and not duty-bound to act, you responded without hesitation and your actions had a direct impact on saving a life." He concluded by saying, "It is with great pleasure that I recognize you for your actions. Without your rapid intervention, the outcome could have been very different. On behalf of the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department, the citizens and residents that we serve, and myself, I not only thank you but also commend you on a job well done."

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