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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Support Residential Sprinklers

The citizens and residents of Prince George's County have enjoyed the protection of residential sprinklers since the early 1990's. It's about time everyone have the same level of protection; including firefighters that must respond to and engage a fire that could have been extinguished by a residential sprinkler. Since the inception of the Prince George's County Law mandating residential sprinklers in all new construction - we have not experienced a single fire fatality in a home afforded the protection of a residential sprinkler - not one.

The volunteer and career members of this Department need to be heard on this issue. You are encouraged to join in, become involved and vote on this life-saving issue

Mobilize to Defend IRC Fire Sprinkler Requirements

Mark Your Calendar for Wednesday, October 28th

We Need Your Vote
The 2009-2012 International Residential Code development cycle is underway, and to our disappointment, the National Association of Home Builders is attempting to have home fire sprinkler requirements repealed from the IRC. NAHB's misguided effort disregards the demonstrated value of sprinklers in saving lives and reducing human suffering associated with residential fires. To protect the public and firefighters, we must once again stand tall by opposing these changes. YOUR VOTE CAN HELP US WIN.

Join Us On October 28th

Proposals to delete fire sprinkler requirements are expected to be heard at the International Code Council's (ICC) upcoming public hearing in Baltimore, MD, on Wednesday, October 28th (it is possible, but unlikely that the vote could carry over until the morning of the 29th). Other proposals considered at this hearing include recommendations to require protection of lightweight structural members. Your attendance and vote are essential to keeping fire sprinkler requirements in the IRC.

ANYONE with an interest in ICC codes can become an ICC member and vote at the Baltimore hearing, but to vote, your membership must be in effect prior to October 14, 2009. Firefighters, contractors, engineers, individual citizens, etc. all qualify for membership. If you joined ICC shortly before last hear's hearing in Minneapolis, you MUST renew your membership this year to vote in Baltimore.

Voting at the Baltimore hearing is NOT limited to government officials, which was the case at ICC's Minneapolis hearing, because different rules are in effect in Baltimore.

How Important is the Baltimore Vote?
THE FUTURE OF RESIDENTIAL FIRE SAFETY IN AMERICA MAY HINGE ON THIS VOTE. Winning the Baltimore vote will help ensure that sprinklers remain a requirement in the 2012 IRC. For 30 years, we've worked to get building codes to require fire sprinklers as a standard feature in all new homes. Let's not let the victory that put this requirement into the code last year slip through our fingers.

Home fire sprinklers represent the best chance that we have of striking at the heart of America's fire problem. Your attendance in Baltimore will help us send a strong message to sprinkler opponents that America's Fire Service and others who support fire safe homes will not yield on this issue.

What YOU Can Do To Help
Vote Against the Proposal
Spread the Word


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