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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Roads Remain Hazardous - Stay Home

For the most part, snow has stopped falling. Accumulations of about 2-feet plus are being reported throughout Prince George’s County. Firefighters and paramedics have responded to calls for service all day and will continue to do so throughout the remainder of the day. We are asking citizens and residents to remain patient and stay at home. Keeping the roadways clear of civilian traffic will allow road crews an opportunity to clear roadways of snow.

The snow has stopped; however, this does not give a green light to resume your normal activity. Public Safety officials remind citizens and residents that it is not yet safe to venture the roadways; in your car or on foot. As we enter the next phase of the storm clean-up, we remind everyone:

Stay Prepared-Stay Informed-Stay Safe-Stay Home

A Snow Emergency Plan remains in effect and will do so for days to come.
It is important for residents to stay off the roadways and remain home even though the snowfall has ended so the Department of Public Works and Transportation’s road crews can clear the roadways of snow.

As part of the snow emergency plan, all cars must be removed from snow emergency routes, which are posted with designated signs, to avoid being ticketed and/or towed.

On non-snow emergency routes, residents are asked to park off roadways in driveways or other off-street parking areas. If residents find that they can only park along the roadway, they are requested to park ONLY on the EVEN NUMBERED side of the roadways.

A large number of pedestrians are intermingling with vehicle traffic on roadways as sidewalks are unnavigable from heavy snow. Pedestrians are reminded to use extreme caution in taking this dangerous path. If you must venture outside and you are walking; wear bright colored clothing and walk in the opposite direction of traffic flow. This will enable you to see oncoming traffic and to make sure you are visible to them.

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