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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

EMS WEEK - Do You Have What it Takes to Handle a Shift????

The Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department is preparing to honor our EMS personnel who dedicate their lives for our safety and well being. We want the members of the media to experience just a small portion of what our EMS personnel experience on a daily basis. See the dedication commitment, compassion and extraordinary level of pre-hospital care, up front and in-person, of our Fire Fighter/Medics and EMT’s. Do you have what it takes to handle this action???

National EMS Week is May 16 through 22, 2010, and we invite the members of the media and the general public to join us in recognizing our personnel for everything they do.

 We encourage all members of the media including radio, TV, print, internet in any job capacity to consider attending a ride-along with our EMS units. You pick the day and time frame and then experience a day that you will not soon forget.

 The Fire/EMS Department will make EMS personnel available to appear on your shows or be available for interviews during EMS Week. Personnel will be certified paramedics that will be well-versed about EMS Week and related activities.

 On May 17, 2010, Fire Chief Eugene A. Jones will award several deserving Fire/EMS personnel for notable actions.

Other activities are being planned and will be announced. We encourage everyone’s participation.

To set-up a ride-along or interviews with our EMS personnel, please, contact me via e-mail or call me at 240-508-7930.

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