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Thursday, July 1, 2010

.Top 10 List of Things to do During the Fourth of July Weekend with Water Restrictions

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

Citizens, residents and business are under a water use restriction this Fourth of July Holiday weekend imposed by WSSC.  The men and women of the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department wanted to offer ideas on what to do instead of using water or otherwise help us to keep you safe and not use water at the same time. Using a late night talk show popular item we offer our Top 10 List of Things to do During the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend with Water Restrictions.

#10 Instead of running the dishwasher - If smoking is allowed inside/outside of your home, ensure you have large sturdy ashtrays inside/outside to dispose of extinguished butts properly.

#9 Instead of topping off your pool - Remove all matches and lighters to a safe place and out of reach of young ones

#8 On the Fourth of July - Instead of using illegal fireworks at backyard BBQ and starting a fire or having someone injured - Attend one of the many public Fireworks Displays located throughout the County.

#7 In the time you save by not flushing toilets – call our Call Center and arrange to surrender your fireworks. Call 301-583-2200.

#6 Instead of running your washing machine - Clean lint from your internal dryer vent and exterior vent.

#5 While you’re at #6 - Clean area around your furnace and water heater.

#4 Instead of watering your garden – Install a carbon monoxide alarm m in your home or business.

#3 Instead of doing the dishes - Ensure you have a smoke alarm on every level of home.

#2 Instead of watering your lawn - Develop and practice a home escape plan. Don’t forget to identify two ways out of every room and a safe place outside to meet and call 911

And the top thing to do during the Fourth of July Holiday while under water restriction??

#1 Instead of washing your car - Clean your smoke alarm, replace battery and test it to ensure it is working. Need a new alarm??? Call 301-864-SAFE

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