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Monday, September 27, 2010

Unit Citation for Technical Rescue Services

Prince Georges County Fire Chief Eugene A. Jones has witnessed several incidents involving the Technical Rescues Services where either humans or animals have been successfully rescued and property saved. These incidents include, but are not totally inclusive, the rescue of a teen-aged male from a snow covered cliff in Upper Marlboro, removal of an adult male from the Northwest Branch, two separate rescues of individuals involved in a slippery crash whereas their vehicle slid down a steep embankment and into or near a water collection pond in Largo, two separate rescues of mans best friend, numerous swift water responses during the summer of 2009 and collapse investigations during the blizzards of Winter 2010.

The Technical Rescue Team is comprised of a primary Technical Rescue Company and complemented by a minimum of two (2) strategically located satellite companies that respond to collapses, high-angles rescues, confined space rescues, water related incidents and other specialty related incidents.

The primary Technical Rescue Company is responsible for the ensuring administrative and technical compliance with federal, state, and local standards and is currently located at the Tuxedo-Cheverly Fire/EMS Station #822.

The satellite companies are trained to a technician level and will support the primary Technical Rescue Company. Satellite Stations include the Fort Washington Fire/EMS Station #847 and a recent addition is the Berwyn Heights Fire/EMS Station #814.

The skills, coordination and teamwork of Technical Rescue Services are commendable and worthy of a Unit Citation. Chief Jones presented the team with a Unit Citation on September 23, 2010 at the Fort Washington Fire/EMS Station. The following members have been recognized with a Unit Citation.

Major Rudolph Thomas

Tuxedo-Cheverly Station 822

Fire Fighter Captain Stephen J. Gallagher

Fire Fighter Lieutenant Eric A. Schrader

Fire Fighter Lieutenant John S. Griffin

Fire Fighter Lieutenant Richard J. Brushwood

Fire Fighter Lieutenant. Brian M. Gibson

Fire Fighter Technician Gianfranco A. Milza

Fire Fighter Technician Thomas H. Smith

Fire Fighter/Medic Technician Bino J. Harris

Fire Fighter/Medic Jonathan W. Bender

Fire Fighter/Medic Leonard F. Collins

Fire Fighter Glenn T. Lambert

Fire Fighter/Medic Stephen I. Reeves

Fire Fighter/Medic Charles D. Lisko

Fire Fighter/Medic Bobby J. Blevins

Fire Fighter/Medic Joseph C. Ford

Fire Fighter/Medic Alexander H. Myers

Fire Fighter/Medic Tyrone E. Cotton

Fire Fighter/Medic Timothy K. Ormerod

Fire Fighter/Medic Mark A. Verdonck

Fire Fighter/Medic Vincent T. Verdadero

Fort Washington Station 847

Fire Fighter Captain John E. Beck

Fire Fighter/Medic Captain Anthony P. McCormick

Fire Fighter Lieutenant Aaron E. Newby

Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenant Charles O. Waggoner

Fire Lieutenant Floyd M. Richardson

Fire Fighter/Medic Technician Gilbert L. James

Fire Fighter/Medic Technician Joseph B. Quade

Fire Fighter Technician Timothy M. Meade

Fire Fighter Technician Michael J. Bell

Fire Fighter Technician Jason E. Chesnut

Fire Fighter/Medic William H. Stephens

Fire Fighter Felanda Reed

Fire Fighter/Medic Matthew D. Rickard

Fire Fighter Tammy R. Acosta

Fire Fighter Anthony Anderson

Fire Fighter Shaun M. Love

Fire Fighter Louis H. Galloway

Fire Fighter Timmie K. Lucas

Fire Fighter Robert L. Kessler

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