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Thursday, February 24, 2011

All Clear Given at Day Care Center Haz Mat

Just before 12:30 pm, Thursday, February 24, 2011, fireifghters and the Department's Hazardous Materials Team were dispatched to investigate a "chemical odor" with a sick person.  Fire/EMS/Haz Mat units responded to 310 Garrett A. Morgan Boulevard in Landover, a commercially run daycare center in a building shared by County and METRO employees.

According to Fire/EMS Department Major Steve Hess, "There were a total of 20 staff members and 75 children in the center. An employee mixed bleach and Windex (ammonia) in a room where there were no children in close proximity. A small cloud caused some employees to feel sick. EMS personnel evaluated staff that were near the cloud and there was only one employee that complained of any symptoms. The employee refused transport after symptoms went away."

At no time were the children in any danger.  Hazardous Material personnel evaluated the building, neutralized the compound and ventilated. There are no lasting effects and the building was turned back over to the occupants and are back in business as of 1:45 pm. The Department's EMS Duty Officer had a briefing with the staff to discuss any questions or concerns from a medical perspective.

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