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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Swift Water Teams Make Rescues and Provide Assistance

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

The Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Department has responded t hundreds of incident as a result of two days of heavy rains and floods.   Preliminary estimates of responses indicate that the Departments Technical Rescue Team, which includes the Swift Water Team, responded on over 60 calls to assist or rescue motorists stranded in stalled water on Wednesday and Thursday.  The majority of their responses occurred on Wednesday evening starting at about 10:30 pm and continued throughout the day today.  The County opened up the Emergency Operations Center to help coordinate issues created by flooded and closed roads.

While operating in Upper Marlboro area this morning the Swift Water Team used inflatable rescue boats to evacuate about 20 people from 11 businesses and 10 homes.  The residential evacuations consisted of 12 residents and 2 dogs.  Employees and business owners were also assisted out of the area due to flooding.  No injuries occurred.  The American Red Cross was on location assisting those displaced.  Firefighters went door-to-door informing residents of the need to leave their homes.  Evacuated residents were taken by boat over to higher grounds.   Montgomery County Department of Fire and Rescue Services provided 2 rescue boats with crews to support operations.

In one instance firefighters had checked and knocked on the doors of all homes in the flood zone.  As they were making their way out of the neighborhood they heard a dog barking.  They tracked the barking dog to an appliance business with a top floor apartment.  Firefighters again banged on the doors and window and announcing themselves by yelling, Fire Department Fire Department.”  The three adult occupants awoke and were surprised to find floodwaters throughout the structure.  They retreated up to the attic where firefighters removed the occupants from the attic out of an old boarded up door.  The three adults and 7-month-old “Rusty” were brought to the safety of higher ground.

All Photos by Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, PGFD

Firefighters check on businesses to ensure they are clear of occupants.

The Swift Water Team brings 3 adults and a dog to higher ground after rescuing them from the attic of their flooded home at 15108 Marlboro Pike in Upper Marlboro.

Fire Fighter Joe Ford provides "Rusty" to his owner after evacuating them from their flooded home.

Route 301 is flooded and closed in the area of Route 4.

Route 202 at Marlboro Pike

Route 202 and Marlboro Pike

Montgomery County DFRS transferred 2 rescue boats to support PGFD Swift Water Operations.

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