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Monday, May 7, 2012

First Day at the Academy for Career Recruit School #46

Career Recruit School #46 commenced today with 33 recruit firefighters this morning. Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor, as he has with every CRS, attended with his command staff and greeted the recruits with words of encouragement. Bashoor addressed the recruits and stated, "LISTEN CAREFULLY, WHEN YOU THINK YOU'VE LEARNED EVERYTHING THERE IS TO LEARN - PICK UP A BOOK OR TAKE ANOTHER CLASS, LEARN SOMETHING NEW OR LEARN A NEW/BETTER WAY TO DO SOMETHING YOU'VE ALREADY DONE. IF YOU STILL THINK YOU KNOW IT ALL, I WANT YOU TO DO ONE THING – QUIT – YOU SHOULD NEVER STOP LEARNING IN THIS PROFESSION."

Each recruit was provided the opportunity to introduce and say a few words about themselves. They are anticipated to graduate in October 2012.

The members of CRS #46 are:

Jamar C. Blue

Cameron R. Brown

Derek D. Brown

David A. Cargin

Joseph A. Coffman

Clayton R. Darr

James W. Davis

Luke A. Edwards

Judson A. Fox, Jr.

Mary F. Gaetano

Bryan J. Hogan

Rapheal F. Holt

Patrick P. Jenkins

Calvin L. Johnson

James A. Johnson

Kristerpher C. Jones

Justin S. Kevan

Daniel J. Lundholm

Patrick D. Martin

Shawn C. Miller

Aaron E. Newby II

Ayo A. Okhiku

Joseph D. Ottey

John A. Princiotta, Jr.

Connor J. Purcell

Hal C. Rich

Colin P. Rynne

Richard Silvesti, Jr.
Jeffrey Simmons

Carlton W. Stewart, Jr.

John R. Wakeley

March W. Yosua

Stephanie L. Zagula

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