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Friday, June 29, 2012

Cabin Branch Update - 2:00 pm

Personell from the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department continue efforts to reach a victim trapped under a 40 to 50 foot mountain of debris. With the guidance of structural egineers from the County and the property management company a plan has been developed to move forward with the rescue. Contractors are setting up two large cranes that will remove debris and remaining roof structure elements. This operation should commence at around 3:00 pm. Once that task is complete, contractors will work on removal from the pile of debris where we believe the adult male employee is trapped. Once a significant path is clear, a search and rescue K-9 will be brought in to help identify a specific area to search. This debris removal process could take up to or exceed 5 hours. Firefighter/Medics are dealing with the heat by hydrating and when not assigned a task, sitting in a air conditioned room in the Pepsi Bottling Group building. Misting tents have also been set up to provide quick relief for overheated personnel. In addition to Pepsi providing much needed bottles of water the Ladies Auxiliary Canteen unit of the Prince George'S County Fire/Rescue Association and the Anne Arundel County Fire Alarmers are currently on location with cold drinks and nutritious snacks. Mark Brady @pgfdpio 240-508-7930

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