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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Code Orange Air Alert forecast for Sunday and Monday, June 10-11.  Code Orange is an alert for unhealthy air for sensitive groups.  Prince George's COunty residents and visitors are advised to take appropriate precautions.

Ozone Code Orange Alert Days are called when ozone pollution is predicted to reach unhealthy levels for sensitive groups.  When this happens, active children and adults, and people with lung disease, such as asthma should limit prolonged outdoor exertion.
Why should sensitive groups limit physical activity outdoors? When ozone levels become unhealthy for sensitive groups, these groups can experience symptoms including:irritation to the eyes, nose and throat
  • reduced lung function (the amount of oxygen taken in is less than usual)
  • asthma can be aggravated
  • lungs can become inflamed and the lung lining can become damaged
  • risk of developing lung illnesses increases.
Fine Particle Code Orange Alert Days are called when fine particle pollution is predicted to reach levels that are unhealthy for the sensitive population.When this occurs, people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors.
Why should sensitive groups reduce physical activity outdoors? When fine particle pollution levels reach the unhealthy for sensitive groups range, symptoms can include:
  • irritation to the airways, coughing or difficulty breathing
  • lung function is decreased
  • asthma can become aggravated
  • a person can have a nonfatal heart attack
  • risk of developing chronic bronchitis.
What Can I Do to Reduce Exposure?
The most effective way to reduce exposure to high levels of pollution is to reduce time and exertion outdoors:
  • plan strenuous activity when pollution levels are lower
  • reduce the amount of time spent at vigorous outdoor activity
  • choose less strenuous outdoor activity (e.g., walk instead of jog)

With temperaturs forecast to be in the 90's today it is good advice for everyone to mindful of health related illnesses.  Take frequent breaks in the shade or an air conditioned environment and drink plenty of water.

Mark E.Brady

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