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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crews Presented with Awards for Beltway Rescue

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

Firefighters and Paramedics were recently presented with Emergency Services Awards for their actions on a motor vehicle crash. At about 1:18 am, Saturday, April 14, firefighter/medics from Ritchie (engine), Largo (paramedic engine), District Heights (paramedics) and St. Joseph (ambulance) Fire/EMS stations were alerted to an incident involving multiple vehicles with one vehicle on fire with a occupant still inside on the Capital Beltway near the Ritchie-Marlboro Road interchange.

Firefighters from the Ritchie Fire/EMS Station #837 arrived first and extinguished the vehicle fire. Firefighter/Medics from Largo Fire/EMS Station #846 arrived and tended to the critically burned and injured victim. The victim was provided fresh breathing air from a firefighters self contained breathing apparatus and removed from the vehicle. Emergency Medical Responders from St. Josephs Fire/EMS Station #806 and District Heights Fire/EMS Station #826 arrived soon after the victim was removed from the vehicle and crews worked feverishly on the victim as they awaited the arrival of Maryland State Police trooper 2. The victim was transported by Trooper 2 to a Burn Unit remains in critical condition.

Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor presented the awards and stated, "Without the efforts of everyone involved the victim would not have had a chance of survival. I am convinced that without the efforts of these individuals that the patients outcome would not have been the same."

Emergency Services Awards were presented to the following personnel:

Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenant Robert G. Bilko
Fire Fighter/Medic Technician Michael M. Hayter
Fire Fighter Romeo N. Dela Cruz
Fire Fighter/Medic Kelli D. Cooke
Fire Fighter/Medic David B. Snyder
Fire Fighter/Medic Christopher M. Katzaman
Fire Fighter Michael J. Kiefer
Wynton Woodson, Volunteer Lieutenant, Ritchie Volunteer Fire Department
Michael Moore, Volunteer Fire Fighter, Ritchie Volunteer Fire Department
Vincent Atchison, Volunteer Fire Fighter, Ritchie Volunteer Fire Department
Daniel Brownstein, Volunteer Fire Fighter, Ritchie Volunteer Fire Department
William Soehner, Volunteer Sergeant, Ritchie Volunteer Fire Department
William Cunningham Jr., Volunteer Captain, Ritchie Volunteer Fire Department
William Cunningham Sr., Volunteer Deputy Chief, Ritchie Volunteer Fire Department

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