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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fire/EMS Station "Safe Place" for Female Student - CORRECTED

As with many public safety facilities across the Country, Prince George’s County, MD, Fire/Emergency Medical Stations (EMS) are considered a “Safe Place” or "Safe Haven." In addition to being a facility whereas an adult can surrender a baby within 72 hours of birth, our Fire/EMS Stations can provide temporary shelter to youth and adults with nowhere else to go for help. Fire/EMS personnel will provide assistance in the form of notification to the appropriate agency that can assist the person and arrange for transportation to that agency or facility.

This morning, a female middle school student felt threatened by a man in a car that was following her while she walked to school.  She went inside the Riverdale Heights Fire/EMS Station #813 and sought assistance from firefighters.  

Notification was made to Public Safety Communications of the situation and police officers were immediately dispatched.  The firefighters kept the youth in an office with a female firefighter until police arrived.  Once on the scene the police handled the remainder of the incident.

While we can not share any additional details of this particular incident I feel it is important to note that this youth sought safety at a Fire/EMS Station.  Every child and adult should know that our community facilities are considered "Safe Places" and "Safe Havens" and should always be considered as a place to seek safety, refuge or a place to turn if they find themselves helpless with no where else to go.

This youth found a safe place at a Fire/EMS Station and experienced a positive reaction to what she felt was a threatening situation.

No additional details about this incident are available from the Fire/EMS Department.

** Note: Correction made to reflect the correct Fire/EMS Station.  Originally reported as Hyattsville, it was actually at the Riverdale Heights Fire/EMS Station. Corrected, Thursday, 9-20-12 at 3:20 pm

Mark E. Brady

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