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Saturday, September 1, 2012

WUSA9 Coverage of Rescue on Huntley Square Drive

SPRINGDALE,Md. (WUSA) - At the St. Joseph fire station in Prince George's County, Friday was a good day for two reasons.
One of their captains, Scott Kilpatrick, pulled off a daring rescue last night, and he managed to get out alive to talk about it.
Every second counts in an emergency,and there's no time for bad decisions. Kilpatrick is being praised for his quick thinking that saved a life at a raging fire last night.
Kilpatrick was among the firefighters responding to a report of a burning apartment building. Kilpatrick heard an elderly woman's cries, and located her inside. She became immobilized and Kilpatrick shared his own air supply with her. He says he tried to send a MayDay, and he promised the woman he would get her out. Kilpatrick said that he was determined to get out, and was thinking of his family.
Both Kilpatrick and the woman he rescued were treated at at a hospital, and both are doing fine. Kilpatrick is anticipating a long weekend, grateful to spend the time with family and loved ones.
That fire was in the 3300 block of Huntley Square Drive -- not far from Rosecroft Raceway, and four other firefighters were injured .

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