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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PEPCO Crew Knocks Down Fire in House - Sleeping Toddler Spared Injury

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

A PEPCO crew is being credited by firefighters for extinguishing a fire that may have jeopardized a sleeping toddlers life.  At around 9:00 this morning PEPCO crews arrived at 2605 Ritchie-Marlboro Road in Upper Marlboro to perform scheduled work.  The residence is a 2-story, occupied, single family home that is undergoing heavy renovation. 

A mother had left the residence to walk her older children down their very long driveway to a bus stop located on Ritchie-Marlboro Road.  While she was away from the house the PEPCO crew noticed a fire in the first floor kitchen.  The fire appears to have started in a trash can and had already extended into the cabinets and propane stove area.  The fire was generating a large amount of smoke filling the house and flames could be seen from the outside. 

Their dispatcher was notified and without concern for their own welfare the PEPCO crew entered the home and yelled out several times to see if anyone was in the house.  Hearing no response they used a dry chemical extinguisher from their truck, entered the kitchen area and were successful in knocking down the bulk of the fire.   While a small fire still burned, the large amount of toxic smoke had stopped filling the house.  A few moments later the mother arrived home, ran upstairs to retrieve the 3-year-old and everyone remained outside until the arrival of the Fire/EMS Department.

Firefighters arrived soon thereafter and completed the extinguishment.  Fire/EMS Department incident commanders commended the PEPCO crew for their bravery, fast Fire Department notification and quick thinking for knocking down the fire and smoke.  Firefighters believe that if the fire was allowed to burn a larger fire would have developed very quickly and the thick toxic smoke would have filled the house jeopardizing the life of the toddler.  No injuries were reported.

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