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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It was not up a tree but a Lexus - Firefighters rescued a cat stuck in a Lexus

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

A kitten was rescued out of a fender well of a Lexus this morning, June 4, in Landover.  Fire Captain Eric C. Hurt, assigned to the Volunteer Services Command, was making a delivery at the Kentland Fire/EMS Station 833 on Landover Road when a Lexus sedan approached him on the front ramp of the station.  The driver explained to Captain Hurt that he believed a cat was in his engine because of the constant meow coming from underneath the hood of the car.  Hurt searched for the kitten and discovered he was located in a void area between the front wheel well and the vehicle engine.

With the assistance of Fire Fighter Cameron Jones the pair dismantled the area surrounding the wheel well.  Kentland Volunteer probationary member Dan Baran came out to assist in the capture of the scared and elusive animal but within a short period of time the trio successfully removed what appeared to be a 7-week old male kitten.  The kitten appeared to be uninjured.  The man acknowledged the assistance of the firefighters and went on his way.

Captain Hurt drove the kitten to the Prince George's County Animal Management Division in Upper Marlboro for appropriate care.

The vehicle operator shows firefighters where the meow's were coming from

May be a little difficult to see but the eyes of a 7-week old kitten peek out from his spot inside of a wheel well.

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