Comment from PGFD Fire Chief Bashoor in Regards to Morningside Ambulance

Prince George's County Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor agreed to meet with Volunteer Chief Michael White as long as the Morningside ambulance continued to provide services to the citizens.  After an exchange of text messages this morning Fire Chief Bashoor agreed to provide Volunteer Chief White with additional opportunities to meet and discuss the ambulance and staffing issues.  

Fire Chief Bashoor stated, "We are pleased to announce that the ambulance transport unit assigned to the Morningside Volunteer Fire Department, (MVFD) remains in service.  I have agreed to reopen direct discussions with the Morningside volunteer leadership this morning, after it became clear the ambulance would indeed remain in service.  Further discussions will be held to attempt a long term resolution to this situation."  he concluded saying, "The County continues to provide career staffing and equipment to support the efforts of the MVFD."

Statement from Morningside VFD on FACEBOOK.

Mark E. Brady
Chief Spokesperson/PIO
Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department
Twitter @PGFDPIO