December Safety First Day of the Month

Mark E. Brady
Chief Spokesperson/PIO
Twitter @PGFDPIO

On the first day of each Month the Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department reminds everyone that today is “Safety First Day of the Month.”  This program designates that December 1 is Safety First Day and time to test the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm in your homes.

Simply push the TEST button on the front cover of your alarms.  If a loud audible warning sound is heard than you are good to go until next month.  This is also a good time to allow everyone in your home to listen to the audible alarm and explain to them what the alarm means and what to do next.  Every so many months practice your home escape plan using alternative means of egress and meet at your special place outside the home.

If your alarm does not emit the audible warning:

  • Clean the alarm using a dust cloth or vacuum.

  • Change the battery in your alarm immediately.

  • If your alarm is 10 years old or older – replace it with a new 10-year, tamper proof with hush button smoke and/or CO alarms.  If you don’t recall replacing your alarm since the tragic events on 9/11/01 – REPLACE YOUR OLD ALARM WITH A NEW 10-YEAR ALARM TODAY.

If you replaced the battery – re-test your alarm.  Still not working?? Discard that alarm, it has served you well in protecting you, your family and home.  Immediately replace your alarm with a new 10- year alarm.

New laws that affect Prince George’s County homes will soon require CO alarms and the addition of 10-year, tamper proof, with hush feature alarms on every level of your home.  Purchase new alarms and install them now.

The month of December is full of festive events and sheer.  The month of December is always worrisome for firefighters as there are multiple areas of concern.  Throughout the course of the month we will provide fire safety and injury prevention tips to keep you and family safe.  These will include information on:

Cold Weather Safety Tips

Holiday Decorations



Christmas Trees

Celebrating responsibly.

Staying Warm Safely.

On the first Wednesday of every month firefighters will visit communities throughout Prince George’s County.  We will be going door-to-door asking to check your smoke alarms.  Firefighters will be equipped with fresh batteries and new alarms to make sure you are protected by a working smoke alarm before we leave.  Firefighters can also help you plan two ways out of every room and identify a designated meeting place outside of your home.

Any questions??  Call our Safety First Hotline at 301-864-SAFE (7233).