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Saturday, January 11, 2014

PGFD Captain and Technician Promotions

Prince George's County Fire/EMS Chief Marc S. Bashoor announced the promotions of 39 personnel yesterday.  In announcing the promotions Chief Bashoor stated, "With the recent promotional process completion and release of the new Captains and Technicians lists, I am pleased to announce a significant number of promotions.  Please join me in congratulating the following folks on their promotions effective Sunday January 12, 2014."

  • Captain Michael Glaubitz
  • Captain Michael Lambert
  • Captain Bryan Spies
  • Captain Ernest Lindqvist
  • Captain Philip Bird
  • Captain Jason Wiseman
  • Captain Brandon Goff
  • Captain Bruce Bridgett
  • Captain Melissa Smothers
  • Captain John Griffin
  • Captain Jesse Constantino
  • Captain Oluwafemi Balogen
  • Captain Jacqueline Riley
  • Captain Gregory Strickler
  • Captain James McClelland
  • Captain Robert Bilko
  • Captain Lance Hagood
  • Captain Binokhar Harris 
  • Captain Mathew Miller
  • Captain Akpenamawu Habib

  • Technician Charles Lisko
  • Technician Christopher Abbott
  • Technician Kristofer Demattia
  • Technician Brian Stevens
  • Technician Bobby Blevins
  • Technician Terry McAllister
  • Technician David Mckeag
  • Technician Patrick Feehley 
  • Technician Katherine Johnson
  • Technician Marques Powell
  • Technician Donald McDowell
  • Technician Aaron White
  • Technician Stephen Reeves
  • Technician Wesley Auld
  • Technician Richard Lawhorne 
  • Technician Justin Maynard
  • Technician Benjamin Woodill
  • Technician William Serra
  • Technician David Ramdial

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