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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Despite Best Efforts - Horse Could not Recover

Despite the very best efforts of everyone involved, the outcome of a rescue incident does not always end with positive results.

Earlier today, Prince George’s County Firefighters were called to assist owners of a farm in the 9100 block of Old Ardwick-Ardmore Road with a sick/injured horse.  The horse was found in his barn after falling sometime overnight and unable to right himself, he lay on his side exhausted from his efforts to stand up.  The owner explained to firefighters that if the horse was not taken out of his barn and put in an upright stance then death would surely occur.  

A portion of a barn was dismantled by firefighters to remove the 31-year-old horse.  A hoisting system using ropes and pulleys was assembled to lift the animal into an upright position to give the horse the best possible chance of survival.  

Firefighters from the St. Joseph Fire/EMS and Technical Rescue Station #806 were on the scene for 3 ½ hours during the effort to save the horse known as “Robbie.”   Showing no signs of improvement and not being able to stand on his own, the owner and a vet made a very difficult decision to euthanize the horse earlier this afternoon.

There were 17 firefighter/medics on the scene that demonstrated compassion and provided care for the family and horse during the course of the event.  The firefighters efforts and that of the owners, vets and other equine experts provided the best possible chance of survival.

Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson
Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department

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