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Monday, March 31, 2014

New Explosives Detection Canine Team Graduates

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New Explosives Detection Canine Team Graduates

The Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department, Office of the Fire Marshal has added a new member to their roster. K-9 Tango and her partner, Captain Bino J. Harris, recently completed a 16 week explosive detection training program offered by the Central Intelligence Agency. K-9 Tango, a 21 month old Labrador retriever, has been conditioned to detect explosives, explosives residue, and post-blast evidence. 

In Prince George’s County, the Bomb Squad is a function of the Fire/ EMS Department and housed within the Office of the Fire Marshal. Due to recent retirements, the Office of the Fire Marshal had a need for an explosives detecting canine capable of detecting explosives and firearms threats in an effort to support its mission.

K-9 Tango was hand selected by CIA trainers from a nonprofit organization called Puppies Behind Bars. This program pairs inmates with puppies to teach the dogs basic commands. 

She was then taught explosives odor recognition through a food and praise reward system. K-9 Tango is trained to detect chemical compounds used in an estimated 19,000 explosives formulas. 

This explosive detection canine team joins an accelerant detection canine team already in service in the department.

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