PGFD Hall of Fame, Special Recognition and the Fire Chiefs Special Achievement Award

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A Who's Who in the fire service event was held at the Cranford-Graves Fire Services Building in Landover Hills, MD.  Current and retired Fire Chiefs from along the East Coast from Portland, Maine to West Pam Beach, Florida were in attendance for the Prince George's County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.  On Friday, October 3, 2014, 12 retired members of the Fire/EMS Department were inducted into our Fire Chiefs Hall of Fame.  This distinction was created in 2010 to recognize the many members of our Department that completed their 20 years of service and continued their career by becoming a Chief Officer or other leading role with other Fire Departments.  Continuing the fire service tradition by doing it the "PGFD Way."

During the ceremony we also recognized a fire service icon and legend and awarded two civilian members with the Fire Chiefs Special Achievement Special Award.

Addressing the 2014 Inductees, current members of the Hall of Fame and gathered family, friends and co-workers, Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor stated, "We lose an average of 3 people to retirements or resignations every month.  Most times, our people leave with little fanfare, and some expectation of a usually mythical connection to the Departments past.

In many cases the people fade into the next phase of their lives, with all but a tacit real connection back to the Department, sometimes people role right into another line position within the Fire or EMS field, then sometimes people become something more - taking on expanded challenges, reaching that proverbial pinnacle of achievement... That of Chief, Director, Big Kahuna...whatever it's called - it is those from our career ranks who we recognize today.  Some have even gone on to affect sea-type changes in our politics and industry.

Each of these gentlemen have helped spread the proverbial DNA of the PGFD, far and wide.  Combined with similar achievements of those from our Volunteer ranks, the PGFD has spread from coast to coast, border to border and beyond.

Today we take a small step towards reconnecting with those who helped make the department what it is today. Please accept my personal thanks and the entire Departments appreciation for everything that you contributed, not only to the Prince Georges County Fire/EMS department but for that you continue to contribute to the fire and EMS services nationwide."


Fire Chief Bashoor also bestowed a special honor to a fire service legend and icon.  Chief Bashoor stated, "September marked an important milestone for all of us - you see, it was 50 years ago last month that John Hoglund became the 1st Director of the Maryland Fire Extension. He has served many roles including that as Chief of the College Park VFD.

John Quincy Adams said, "if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more - then you are a leader."

Chief Hoglund - you have indeed inspired many to dream, learn, do, and become - you are a leader of leaders.

The title of Fire Chief is not one that should be taken lightly.  It is earned and in most cases appointed by those who recognize ones abilities and their capabilities to make a difference.  John – your abilities and capabilities over the years have been unmatched.  You have touched many lives all across the United States, whether through your work with the Maryland Fire Service, the National Fire Protection Association, The International Fire Service Training Association – or through many other groups.  I am honored to recognize your contributions and bestow the title of Honorary Prince George’s County Fire Chief upon you today.


Fire Chief Bashoor can not run the Department by himself.  He relies on many individuals to keep the Department running.  The Fire Chiefs Special Achievement Award is to recognize one or more people that he feels over the previous year.

In making the presentation, Fire Chief Bashoor, stated, "The last presentation today is the Fire Chiefs Award.  This presentation is the 2013 award, which will be awarded to 2 people who work largely behind the scenes, for just about everything that goes on in this Department. 

They literally make sure every I is dotted, every T is crossed, and every detail is covered.  We should all recognize that we are only as good as those who make us look good. I definitely recognize that these 2 people not only make me look good – but they are great ambassadors for the Department everywhere they go and with everything they do, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Both of them have worked in one capacity or another for each of the Chief’s here today – rarely have they asked for anything but a little respect and …yes they ask for a raise very once and a while...

Combined with many others, this event and many previous events would not have been possible without their diligent work and support.  I am pleased to award the 2013 Fire Chiefs Award to Susan Proels and Jeff Callaway."

Robert L. Ridgeway
Retired from PGFD January 1, 1985
Former Fire Chief 
Mashpee, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Gastonia, North Carolina
West Palm Beach, Florida
James G. Tauber
Retired from PGFD January 31, 1992
Former Director/Fire Chief - Volusia County, Florida, Fire Service
Carl A. Naecker
Retired from PGFD December 31, 1992
Former Fire Chief Calabash, North Carolina, 
Steven E. Allen, Sr.
Retired from PGFD November 15, 1997
Former Fire Chief - BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport
Current - Deputy Fire Chief, Howard County, Maryland
Robert H. McCoy, Jr.
Retired from PGFD February 29, 2008
Fire Chief - York, Pennsylvania, United Fire and Rescue
Victor N. Ferreira, Jr.
Retired from PGFD March 31, 2008
Fire Chief - BWI Airport Fire and Rescue Department
LeRoy O. Smith, IV
Retired from PGFD October 30, 2010
Fire Chief - Holly Springs, North Carolina, Fire Department

Jerome F. LaMoria
Retired from PGFD - December 1, 2014
Fire Chief, Portland, Maine, Fire Department
Richard M. Lambdin
Retired from PGFD July 14, 2012
Fire Chief, Whispering Pines, North Carolina, Fire/Rescue Department
Howard R. Leonhard, Jr.
Retired from PGFD - September 30, 2012
Emergency Services Chief - Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Fire Department
Susan Proels and Jeff Callaway with Fire Chief Bashoor after being presented with
Fire Chiefs Special Achievement Award
Fire Service Icon John Hoglund with his wife at the unveiling of his plaque mounted in the hallway of the Cranford-Graves Fire Services Building.  He was recognized as an Honorary Fire Chief of the Department.

All of the PGFD Hall of Fame members and Past Chiefs in attendance Group includes, in addition to caption above; Steve Edwards (2010), Jim Estepp (2010), Lawrence Sedgwwick, Bill Barnard (2010), and Randy Shank (2011)

Past Fire Chiefs Edwards, Estepp, Sedgewick and current Fire Chief Bashoor

Our Fire Chief Special Achievement Award recipients Susan Proels and Jeff Callaway with some of the PGFD Fire Chiefs they have worked for; Edwards, Estepp, Sedgewick and Bashoor
Special Achievement Award recipients Jeff Callaway and Susan Proels with Fire Chief Marc Bashoor
The 2014 Inductees into the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department Hall of Fame in attendance.  L to R Fire Chief Bashoor, James Tauber, Leroy Smith IV, Victor Ferreira Jr, Robert Ridgeway, Stanley Poole, Robert McCoy Jr, Carl Naecker, Steve Allen, Sr , Rich Lambdin, Jerry LaMoria, Butch Leonhard, Jr