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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Two Firefighters Injured Battling Springdale House Fire

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930
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Two firefighters were injured battling a house fire in Springdale yesterday afternoon while the homeowner wife was attending the funeral of her husband.  At around 1:30 pm, Saturday, September 19, firefighters were alerted to a house on fire in the 3800 block of Endicott Place in Springdale.  The first arriving unit from the St. Joes Fire/EMS Station 806 arrived to find a 2-story, with basement, single family home with fire showing from the roof.

There were no occupants present as family members were attending a funeral for the homes owner just a few blocks away.  Heavy fire conditions were found on both floors and through the roof.  After an interior attack resulted in the extinguishment of the majority of fire, a master stream device was utilized which dispensed copious amounts of water into the house to douse all hot spots and leftover extension.  Fire loss is estimated at $200,000.

The family had heard of the fire and soon gathered at a neighbors yard to observe the homes demise.  The funeral was being held for the husband who lived at the house with his wife.  She was offered assistance from the American Red Cross, however, was going to stay with other family members.

Two firefighters sustained injuries while battling the fire.  The most seriously injured is a firefighter from the West Lanham Hills Volunteer Fire Station.  The firefighter sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his neck and shoulders.  He has been admitted to the Burn Unit at the Medstar Washington Hospital Center.  Medical procedures are scheduled to be performed over the next couple of days and he will remain hospitalized until sometime mid-week if all goes well.

A second firefighter sustained an electrical shock while operating in a water filled basement.  The firefighter, assigned to the Kettering/Largo Fire/EMS Station, was transported to the Burn Unit for evaluation and released the same night.

Fire Investigators continue to investigate the cause of the fire that has been listed as “undetermined.”

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