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Monday, December 28, 2015

PGFD Promotions

The following promotions were announced on December 24, 2015.  Congratulations to all.

Executive Administrative Aide - Effective 1/10/16
Mary Blocker (Provisional Appointment)

Fire Fighter/Paramedic Assistant Fire Chiefs (Majors) Effective 1/10/16
Gary Krichbaum
Brian Frankel

Fire Fighter/Paramedic Lieutenants - Effective 12/27/15
Marvin Perry
Mathew Yarish
Michael Brown
Donald Degraves
Stephanie Bunce

Fire Fighter Lieutenant - Effective 12/27/15
Patrick Feehley

Paramedic Lieutenant - Effective 12/27/15
Amanda Garrett

Fire Fighter/Paramedic Technicians - Effective 1/10/16
Kyle Welch
Jonathan Diiorio
Kevin Wittmer
Michael Bridgett
Ryan Sekuterski
Lauren Foreman

Fire Fighter Technician - Effective 1/10/16
Ryan Aikens
Carl Buchheister III 
Marcuse Marshall
Kenneth Fusco Jr
Timothy Barden
Jonathan Lopez
James Broughton
William Terry

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