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Monday, March 21, 2016

Firefighters Recognized for Life-Saving Actions

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930
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Thirteen firefighters were recognized today and presented with Emergency Service Awards.   Prince George's County Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor presented the awards at an informal ceremony at the Forestville Fire/EMS Station 823.  There were two separate incidents each involving a rescue.  

While making the presentation to each member Chief Bashoor stated, "Your performance on the scene of this incident possibly saved a life or prevented serious injury and is commendable and worthy of recognition.  Therefore, you are hereby awarded a Fire/EMS Department Emergency Services Award.  Your actions reflect well on you both personally and professionally and exemplify the excellent caliber of service we strive to provide to the residents of Prince George’s County."

        On January 5, 2016, Fire/EMS Department units responded to a reported house fire at 9400 Old Marlboro Pike.  Upon arrival, firefighters were advised that someone might still be inside the home.  Crews quickly began an aggressive search for a possible victim but none was found.  Fire had extended into the attic space; and a crew was tasked with opening the roof in support of the interior operations.

        During the roof operation, a firefighter fell through an opening and was exposed to high heat up to his shoulders.  Command and the RIT witnessed the event and immediately deployed personnel to assist.  Ritchie Volunteer Assistant Fire Chief William Cunningham supported the fallen firefighter until additional resources reached them.  Captain Donald Fletcher, Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenant Christopher Blackistone, and Fire Fighter William Philpott removed the firefighter from the opening and assisted him off the roof.  He was placed in the care of EMS personnel, evaluated on the scene, and released to duty. 

        On the morning of Sunday, January 17, 2016, units from Silver Hill Fire/EMS Station 829 responded to 3105 Bellbrooke Court in Temple Hills for a house fire, reportedly with people inside.  Firefighters arrived to find a basement fire with a trapped occupant and immediately advanced an attack line through the basement’s entrance at the rear of the home.  Despite encountering high heat and zero visibility upon entering the residence, Fire Fighter/Medic Captain Bilko was able to quickly locate the victim.  Fire Fighter Tippett held the attack line toward the fire, while Fire Fighter DeForest and Fire Fighter Singleton removed the victim from the burning home.  Once outside, the pair assisted Fire Fighter Crooks and Fire Fighter Jenkins with administering initial treatment.  Consequently, the patient was transferred to Acting Fire Fighter/Medic Captain Buffum, Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenant Dowling, and Fire Fighter/Medic Rohrbaugh.  The administration of aggressive EMS care allowed for quick transport to Medstar; and, thankfully, the patient is expected to recover fully.

The entire crew attending todays ceremony.

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