Smoke Alarm Event in Temple Hills and Adopt-a-Neighborhood

Mark E, Brady, PGFD Chief Spokesperson

Prince George's County Firefighter/Medics went door-to-door throughout a Temple Hills community this morning checking to ensure everyone had a working smoke alarm.  Nearly 90 homes were targeted for the Adopt-a-Neighborhood event sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Glenarden.  Sponsorship involved a monetary donation to the Community Advisory Council, a 501c3 organization, that used the donation to purchase smoke and carbon monoxide (co) alarms.

After a community is targeted for saturation Firefighter/Medics canvas the community offering to check smoke alarms.  If a home is found without a working smoke alarm a new 10-year device will be installed at a no charge.

Firefighters are now using a mobile phone application that tracks homes visited and the smoke alarm status.  The County-made GIS/GPS application allows supervisors to electronically view which homes have working smoke alarms and which homes need to be visited to have alarms checked.  The Adopt-a-Neighborhood program uses this app to track smoke alarm status in homes we visit.  The collector app is now used on all smoke alarm programs the Fire/EMS Department performs.  A photo below shows the results of this mornings visit.

In addition to civilian, volunteer and career members of the Fire/EMS Department a Boy Scout vying to be an Eagle Scout joined firefighters to learn more about this community outreach effort.

Any business or other entity is encouraged to become involve in this effort and adopt a neighborhood.

Green indicates a new 10-year smoke alarm installed.  Orange indicates the home was already protected by a working smoke alarm and blue indicate a visit to pending.