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Friday, June 26, 2009

Employee Recognition Awards

Two employees of the Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Department were recognized for their excellence in their respective area of work. Acting Fire Chief Eugene A. Jones presented awards to Major Dennis C. Wood and Administrative Assistant II Spencer Stevenson A. Stevenson at a ceremony in the Office of the Fire Chief on Friday, June 26, 2009. These awards were for their work during the month of April 2009.

Major Dennis C. Wood was awarded the Manger of the Month for his work on the recent H1N1 event. In nominating Major Wood for the award, Lt. Col. Victor Stagnaro wrote, “Dennis Wood was able to draw on his experience as the Major of EMS, and his previous work on planning for a pandemic event, to direct the Department during the recent outbreak. He was able to quickly identify goals and objectives for the Department. Furthermore, he developed a Provider Action Notice that served to help ensure the safety of our personnel, as well as helping to ensure the best possible service was delivered. In addition, he provided lists of needed supplies and was able to tailor the lists based on available funding.”

Ambulance Fleet Coordinator Spencer A. Stevenson was recognized with the Employee of the Month Award after being nominated by his supervisor Daniel F. Benedetti and Lt. Col. Carla D. Blue. Stevenson was nominated for his role as part of a team that oversees the ambulance fleet. His nomination read, “For establishing a routine of checking ambulances in, performing preventive maintenance items, cleaning inside and out, shuttling to/from shops for maintenance, warranty work and recalls. The fleet of 70 ambulances has remained in excellent condition despite the high mileage, multiple drivers and the wear and tear they receive on a daily basis. Typically, at least 6 ambulances are in a state of readiness at any given time.” Fire Chief Jones also noted that Spencer Stevenson alerted personnel on the scene of Penn-Mar explosion to check the dash-cams. His timely alert resulted in the dash-cam video being discovered, released and viewed world-wide just 2-hours after the explosion occurred.