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Friday, September 25, 2009


Firefighters from the Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Department Sixth Battalion conducted training evolutions on Rapid Intervention and Mayday procedures today, Friday, September 25, 2009. The training was held at the Beltsville Fire/EMS Station #831. Personnel assigned to Beltsville, Calverton, Greenbelt, Laurel, Branchville and Berwyn Heights, under the direction of Battalion Chief Dave Borchardt, participated in the drill. The training included a review of Department General Orders and Standard Operating procedures, round-table discussion and reviews of close calls within our Department and firefighter line-of-duty deaths in Loudoun County, Virginia; Buffalo, New York and Phoenix, Arizona. Major Jerry Lamoria and Major Derrick Lea also participated in the review and discussions.

Each crew rotated through hands-on evolutions by assuming the role of the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT). The RIT was deployed by incident commanders after receiving a report that a firefighter assigned to the “attack group” was separated from his crew, became disorientated and was low on air. The lost firefighters name, station and last known location were provided to the RIT. Firefighters, with face pieces blurred by wax paper to simulate interior fire/smoke conditions, followed a hoseline until locating the downed firefighter with PASS device in full alert. The RIT evolutions were monitored by Acting Fire Captain Daniel Schrader and Acting Fire/Medic Lieutenant Phil Bird. After each evolution firefighters and monitors had the opportunity to immediately critique their operations.