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Friday, December 24, 2010

PGFD Tech Rescue of Teenager

Just after 5:00 pm, December 24, 2010, firefighters, paramedics and the Department's Technical Rescue Team responded for an injured teen-aged female that had fallen down a steep incline into a dry creek bed ravine.

Fire/EMS units responded to the 8100 block of Overfield Ct. In Bowie where the female had fallen into a 30ft ravine while attempting to find a lost cell phone. The incident was located about 300yds from the street. She was with her mother who summoned help after being unable to rescue her daughter.

The Fire/EMS Department high-angle team worked quickly to reach the girl and at around 6:30 were lifting her out of the ravine using a rope and pulley system.

The patient has been under the care of paramedics since their arrival. She is being treated for hypothermia and possible injuries to her back. She is being transported via MSP Trooper 2 meda-vac to a nearby trauma center for treatment of her injuries. She is in good condition with non-life threatening injuries.

Mark Brady

Mark E. Brady

Media Advisory - Firefighting Father and Son Work Christmas Day Together

A veteran Fire Fighter/Medic Captain and his Fire Fighter/Medic son will spend Christmas Day together protecting the citizens and residents of Oxon Hill and surrounding Prince George's County communities.

John Elie and son, Chris, will have the rare opportunity to work together at the same station and it just happens to be on Christmas Day.

The Elie Family is rich in public safety tradition and understand not everyone can be home during the Holiday Season. The next best thing is to be able to work together and share the day with other members of the fire service while staffing a Paramedic Engine and Paramedic Ambulance at the Oxon Hill Fire/EMS Station #842, 1100 Marcy Avenue, 301-883-7742.

Members of the media are invited to stop by the station during their shift. Breakfast will be around 8:00 am and the entire 5th Battalion will attempt to share dinner together later in the day at the Oxon Hill Fire/EMS Station #821 on Livingston Road.

Please call me if you have any questions. Happy Holidays.

Mark E. Brady
Mark E. Brady