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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Off-Duty PGFD Fire Captain Removes 2 Occupants of Burning Home

Early word from Woodstock VA is that off-duty PGFD Fire Captain James Jiron entered a burning home, alerted and removed 2 occupants unaware of the situation.

Fire Captain Jiron was attending a family function in Woodstock, VA when he stepped outside the church and saw smoke coming from the rear of a 2-story duplex. He immediately went to investigate and found an attached shed well involved with fire and smoke starting to extend inside.

Jiron went around to the front and kicked in the front door and started shouting "fire department, is anyone here?"

With smoke banking halfway down on the first floor and without personal protective gear or breathing apparatus Jiron searched the first floor and located an adult male sleeping on a couch. He awakened the male and removed him to the exterior. A teen-aged male was also asleep upstairs and was awakened by Jirons announcement of a fire. Jiron escorted this teen to safety as well.

By this time the Woodstock Fire Department was arriving and extinguished the fire.
Woodstock officials are still investigating the cause of the fire ,d credit James Jiron with notification to 911 and for preventing injuries or worse to the occupants.

Captain Jiron is currently assigned to the Beltsville Fire/EMS Station #831.
Mark E. Brady

Oxon Hill House Fire

An unattended candle ignited a fire in a second floor bedroom just after 11:30 am. Firefighters arrived at the 2-story single family home in the 800 block of Jessica Place with fire coming from a top floor window. A quick knock down was executed by 25 firefighters that were working on the scene.

One occupant was evaluated for difficulty breathing, however, denied transport to a hospital. No additional injuries were reported.

The family is making their own arrangements for temporary shelter.
Mark E. Brady