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Thursday, August 18, 2011

PGFD Fire Service Leaders to Instruct at Fire-Rescue International

Prince George's County Fire Chief Marc Bashoor and Lt. Col. Jerry LaMoria will be presenting a training session at the upcoming International Association of Fire Chiefs conference.  This year's Fire-Rescue International 2011/Global Forum For Leadership is being held in Atlanta, Georgia from August 23rd through the 28th.

Chief Bashoor and Col. LaMoria will lead a session entitled; Near Miss...Really? Not Me!  The session will highlight several high profile incidents with an outcome that no one ever could have imagined when the call was dispatched.  The pair of instructors encourage everyone, especially, company level officers to join them in this interactive workshop that is guaranteed to generate a lively discussion.

Near-Miss...Really? Not Me!
Session #COL302
Date/VenueWednesday, 08/24/2011 10:30AM -12:00PM , Room B316
Nobody ever starts their day saying, "I'm going to have a near-miss today,"  do they?  Using common sense approaches, and in conjunction with the NFFF "Courage to Be Safe" program, this session will use real life examples and interactive scenarios to challenges firefighters and officers to make a difference - to make safety first and foremost! In the end, we all must ensure that everyone goes home!
Session Type
Duration Workshop - 1.5 Hours
Format Interactive
Ability Level 1. Beginner
Learning Objectives Understand fire behavior science Develop sound tactical plans Understand relationship between tactics, strategy, and command Improve decision-making