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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Former Fire/EMS Station "22" Honored by New Tenants with eRecycling Program

Fire/EMS Department Media Contact: Mark E. Brady, 240-508-7930
New Horizons Media Contact: Leslie I.D. Prewitt, 301-249-0206

The Prince George's County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Department is pleased to hear the rich tradition of the Tuxedo-Cheverly Fire/EMS Station 22 lives on and will continue to have a positive impact on the  community.   The original fire station at 5711 Tuxedo Road has one of the most storied tenures and traditions within the history of the Fire/EMS Department.
The apparatus and staffing from Fire/EMS Station 22 moved to a new facility, St. Joseph Fire/EMS Station 806 in Springdale, in August of 2010.  The move left the former aging and in need of major repairs fire station on Tuxedo Road becoming surplus property.  The building eventually became the property of New Horizons whose motto is, "building opportunities for people with disabilities."  The former Fire Station 22 was refurbished and is now a beautiful facility that strives to improve the life of others.

In a tribute to Fire Station 22, New Horizons will start a eRecycling program on the 22nd of every month, except when the 22nd falls on a Sunday.  "This event is for the collection of computer, printers, monitors and cables from businesses and individuals alike," said Leslie I.D. Prewitt, New Horizons Director of Development and Marketing.  "We sincerely appreciate the assistance and partnership between the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department and New Horizons Supported Services, Inc."  

For additional information on the Recycling program please refer to the flier below.

Former Rescue Squad 22 at the former Tuxedo-Cheverly Station 22.  (photo by J. D. Floyd II, Royal Blue Ltd. archives)

The original Tuxedo-Cheverly Station.  (photo courtesy of the late Ed Bosanko, Royal Blue Ltd. archives)