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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Appointment Hearing For County Fire Chief

The Prince George’s County Council will consider the appointment of Acting Fire Chief Eugene A. Jones to be the Fire Chief for Prince George’s County, Maryland on Tuesday, July 14, at 1:30 pm in 1st Floor Hearing Room of the County Administration Building. The hearing will be immediately followed by a swearing-in ceremony in the County Executive’s 5th floor Conference Room. Family, friends and colleagues of Chief Jones are invited.

PGFD Provides Assistance During METRO Incident

On Monday, June 22, 2009, just after 5:00 PM, the District of Columbia Fire/EMS Department embarked on an incident that resulted in the death of 9 people and injured some 70 others. Two six-car south-bound METRO trains were involved in a collision on a Red Line track just north of the Fort Totten station. A mass casualty incident (MCI) was declared and DCFD operated at a Third-Alarm equivalent while multiple resources from across the region were alerted to the scene or to fill-in at DCFD stations.

The Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department provided several resources to the scene and to fill-ins.

Staging for the METRO Incident:

Paramedic Ambulance 844 (Chillum)
Mobile Ambulance Bus 855 (Bunker Hill)
Engine 809B (Bladensburg)
EMS 801 (Paramedic Supervisor)
Battalion Chief 804 (Suppression Supervisor)

The following units were transferred to fill DCFD Fire/EMS Stations

Paramedic Engine 844 (Chillum) filled in at DCFD Truck 17
Engine 809 and Truck 809 (Bladensburg) to DCFD Engine 826
Rescue Squad 833 (Kentland) to DCFD Engine 6

While the units that were transferred to DCFD Stations responded on various incidents throughout the course of the afternoon and evening, the EMS units at the METRO incident had no patient contact. Truck 809 from Bladensburg, on a DCFD transfer, was dispatched as part of the DCFD Third Alarm and operated for about 5 hours on the crash scene. Once our units were cleared of staging they remained in the District of Columbia and filled-in at DCFD stations.