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Monday, March 28, 2011

Fire Chief Participates in Live Fire Exercise with Recruits

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

Prince George’s County Acting Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor has always believed that he would never ask anyone to do anything that he would not do himself. He proved that earlier this year by completing a physically challenging Candidate Physical Ability Test that potential recruits must successfully complete to advance in the hiring process.  He proved it again today when he participated in a “burn exercise” at the Department’s Fire/EMS Training Academy in Cheltenham.

Career Recruit School #42 is currently in their 4th week of training at the academy and today, Monday, March 28, 2011, the 24 recruit firefighter/medics were scheduled for their first training involving a “live” fire and smoke exercise in the training tower/burn building. Much to their surprise, Acting Chief Bashoor arrived and participated with the recruits as they advanced hose lines into the structure, extinguished the fire, ventilated the smoke and searched for trapped victims.

In the pictures, Acting Chief Bashoor can be easily identified by his new bright personal protective command gear.

FC Bashoor, Deputy FC Hoglander, Fire Majors Ware, Dennis and Leonard observe recruit training.

Fire Training Academy (FTA) Instructor Fletcher provides instructions to members of
Engine Company 1 prior to entering the burn building.

Crew members place their self contained breathing apparatus on.

Hose line is advanced into the building.

FC Bashoor jumps on the line advancement.
A well involved fire is quickly located on the first floor and extinguished.

FTA Instructor Fletcher provides critique of operations to crew members.

Letter of Appreciation for Successful CPAT Administration

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

AACO Deputy Chief Strobel and AACO Fire Chief Ray accept a
plaque from Fire Chief Bashoor. (Steve Tabak)
Awards of appreciation were presented in recognition of the Fire/EMS Department's inaugural Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) administration. Acting Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor recognized the Anne Fire Chief John Ray and the Arundel County Fire Department for allowing the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department to use their CPAT site in Millersville. Chief Bashoor presented Anne Arundel County Fire Chief Ray with a plaque and stated, “It is with grateful appreciation and mutual respect that I acknowledge Chief Ray and the Anne Arundel County Fire Department for their allowing us to use their CPAT facility and course. We have already seen the impact of CPAT administration by our hiring the best candidates for the position of Firefighter/Medic.”

County Executive Rushern L. Baker III, Council Chair Ingrid M. Turner, District 4, and Iaff Local 1619 President Andrew Pantelis presented the awards along with Chief Bashoor at an awards function held at Florian Hall in Bowie on the evening of Thursday, March 24, 2011.

The Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department was granted a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) Program License by the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) to administer the CPAT for the purpose of testing the physical capability of firefighter candidates. Since being granted that license last year, the Department has processed approximately 600 candidates.

L to R - IAFF Local 1619 President Andrew Pantelis, Council Chair Turner, Major Erroll George, Lt. Bill Bussing, Major Rich Lambdin, Fire Chief Bashoor, County Executive Baker and Fire Fighter Fisher.  The "movers and the shakers" of CPAT Licensure and Administration receive awards. (Steve Tabak) 
 In making the presentation to the sworn and civilian members that administered CPAT, Acting Chief Bashoor stated, “You have played a key role in the facilitation and success of CPAT and the improvement of the Department’s recruitment and hiring process. It gives me great please to acknowledge the outstanding effort you have put forth and the dedication you have invested toward the CPAT administration and ultimately the entire Fire/EMS Department. The enthusiasm and professionalism that you have displayed is exceptional and I commend your hard work as well as your willingness to accept additional responsibilities above and beyond your normal duties. He concluded the presentation by saying, “Your dedication and commitment to excellence is the basis for improving the Department and the services we provide. Please accept my sincere appreciation for your participation with the CPAT administration process.”

The following sworn and civilian members of the Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department received letters of appreciation and for a job well done. (Steve Tabak)

Erroll W. George Major
Rich M. Lambdin Major
Thomas E. James Battalion Chief
Scot A. Williams FF/Medic Captain
Yvette M. McNair FF/Medic Captain
Kenneth F. Fusco FF Captain
Phyllis J. Pierce FF Captain
Brandon M. Goff FF/Medic Lieutenant
Brian J. Frankel FF/Medic Lieutenant
Charles D. Bussing FF/Medic Lieutenant
Dana N. Brooks FF/Medic Lieutenant
James M. Key FF/Medic Lieutenant
Jason C. Wiseman FF/Medic Lieutenant
Lee R. Collins FF/Medic Lieutenant
Jeffrey A. Burton FF Lieutenant
Michael R. Marshall FF Lieutenant
Eric C. Hurt FF Lieutenant
Michael J. Wenzel FF Lieutenant
Binokhar J. Harris FF/Medic Technician
Israel S. Tabak FF/Medic Technician
Shaun P. Duppins FF/Medic Technician
Donald V. Fletcher, Jr. Acting FF/Medic Technician
John M. Crisman FF Technician
Christopher J. Hammond FF/Medic III
Robert P. Mutchler FF/Medic III
Antoine S. Lanier FF/Medic II
Katherine P. Fisher FF/Medic II
Leonard F. Collins FF/Medic II
Robert B. Leonard FF/Medic II
Sara A. Shaffer FF/Medic II
Stephen R. Langone FF/Medic II
Steven L. Toth FF/Medic II
Calvin Saunders Jr. FF III
Danielle M. Lewis FF II
Kenneth F. Fusco, Jr. FF II
Kevin D. Hodges FF II
Alicia R. Finn FF I
Brandon K. Wright FF I
Christopher M. Hodges FF I
David P. Ramdial FF I
Gregory A. Powell FF I
Jeffrey M. Mattingly FF I
Matthew L. Morris FF I
Eugenia M. Mercer Administrative Assistant III
Amanda B. Jackson Administrative Assistant II
Teresa A. Crisman Community Developer II
Linda A. Dellosa Accountant II
Angela M. Cooper Administrative Aide III
Teresa A. Meunier Administrative Aide III