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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Brad Paisley Pays Tribute to Firefighters with Song - Hails from a Firefighting Family!!!

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Brad Paisley has always been a favorite country performer but his popularity amongst firefighters just went red hot.  Who knew Paisley is part of a firefighting family??  Paisley's family includes firefighters starting with his father.  So he didn't need to go far for inspiration for a song about firefighters, "All In," is featured in the upcoming Disney Film, "Planes: Fire & Rescue."  

"My father's a firefighter," Paisley said in promotion for the children's film. "He was my whole life. And my brother-in-law and several family members are firefighters. I was really honored to pay tribute to them. I sat down after seeing a rough cut of the movie and it came to me very quickly."  The entire Rolling Stone interview can be read by clicking here.

A recent USA TODAY article had these quotes from Brad;

"The movie is essentially a tribute to firefighters told through these planes," says Paisley, 41. "When John pitched the idea, he said it was a way of paying tribute to my dad. My brother-in-law is also a firefighter in Tennessee. These guys run toward the problem that everyone else is fleeing from."  Paisley's childhood in Glen Dale, W.Va., was dominated by the firefighter lifestyle. His father, 65, was the assistant chief of the local volunteer force and an emergency medical technician.

Firefighters were Paisley's heroes and he recalls the many visits to the station.
"My earliest memories are on these fire trucks," says Paisley. "There are more photographs of me from age 5 to 10 on these fire engines than there are photographs of me on birthdays."

Even on family vacations his father used to seek out the local fire department and ask to check out the trucks. Paisley says if he wasn't sidetracked by success as a musician in Nashville, he might have gone into the profession.

Being part of a firefighters family means you are part of an extended family of firefighters everywhere.  I often tell family members that if they ever get into a jam, wherever you are at, go to the nearest fire station.  Brad Paisley is already part of a firefighting family and is welcome anytime in Prince George's County, Maryland.  Brad - you have an open invitation to visit with our family of firefighters and ride along with us at any time.  

If things don't work out for you with singing, we have a spot for you here as a Fire Fighter in Prince George's County, Maryland. (:

Image from USA TODAY shows Paisley temporarily trading the cowboy hat for a fire helmet during a viewing of the upcoming Disney film "Planes: Fire & Rescue"

"All In" featured in the upcoming Disney film "Planes: Fire & Rescue"