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Friday, March 30, 2012

PGFD Goes Pierce

I am pleased to announce that today we have executed a letter of intent to purchase 5 Pierce engines and 2 Pierce ladder trucks from Atlantic Emergency Solutions, Inc, riding the Council of Governments contract with Arlington, Virginia.
Thanks to the Volunteer and Career members of the Apparatus Maintenance Task Force, who worked hard to draw towards a consensus standard for vehicle specifications.  Additional information and detailed drawings will be available in the future.  Volunteer Corporations will also be able to benefit from the purchasing power pricing of this contract. 
Although no delivery target has been established, we will work diligently to get the equipment on time and under budget.
We have the County Executive and the County Council to thank for the funding provided for these purchases.  They have also accepted the conceptual basis of the apparatus replacement program, which will allow us to purchase an additional amount of apparatus in fiscal year 2014, and establish a rotation in years out.
Personnel should direct any questions about the purchase or equipment specs, and any Corporations with questions about riding the contract, should direct questions to Deputy Fire Chief Ben Barksdale or Deputy Fire Chief Frank Underwood.
Marc S. Bashoor, Fire Chief
Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department, Headquarters
9201 Basil Court, 4th Floor East
Landover, MD 20785
(O) 301-883-5200
(F) 301-883-5212

April 1 is “Safety First Day of the Month”

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

Sunday is April 1, 2012, and it is the first day of the month. Firefighters and Paramedics want to remind you that “Safety First Day of the Month” is the day designated for all citizens, visitors and businesses to test your smoke alarms.

To conduct your test, push the test button on the front cover of your alarm. A loud beeping noise should be emitted. If you hear the warning sound - your alarm is working. If you do not hear a warning sound, replace the battery and test your alarm again. If you still do not hear a warning sound; replace your non-working alarm with a new one.

Because our “Safety First Day of the Month” test falls on a Sunday it will also be an excellent time to review your home escape plan and what family members should do in the event of an emergency. When you test your smoke alarm let your family members hear the warning signal and instruct them what to do if they should hear the smoke alarm sounding.

Remember, home escape planning requires everyone to know two ways out of every room in the house and where to meet outside in a safe location. Call 911 once you are outside and safe.

If you are sleeping and hear a sounding smoke alarm, do not leave your room just to investigate the sounding alarm. Leave your room with the clear intent of leaving your home with your practiced escape plan for you and other family members in motion.

Remember, Safety First Ensures Everyone Goes Home.

If you are in Prince George’s County and need a working smoke alarm, call our Safety First program at 301-864-SAFE (7233). A firefighter will come to your home at a mutually agreeable time and install one in your home, free of charge.

Lowe's of Clinton Answers the Call for Help

Two weeks ago Captain Dana Brooks, Fire/EMS Training Academy (FETA), approached several of the Home Improvement stores to see if they would sponsor a prop for fire ground survival training. The Lowe’s in Clinton was more than willing to provide the material for the IAFF Fire Ground Survival Reduced Profile Prop. The Fire Ground Survival training is part of career recruit school. The props at FETA have become weathered and worn and some are in need of replacement.

Ms. “E” as she prefers to be called said she was so glad she could assist the department. She said when she saw the news report about our recent injuries she was wondering if there was something she could do. When Captain Brooks approached her she was delighted that she could help.

The material picked up today was 20 2”x4”x8’, 4 sheet of plywood and 3 boxes of nails and screws for the assembly of the prop. I presented her with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Academy and the Department.

Fire Department Battalion Chief Fusco and Fire Fighter Mandragos with Mrs. "E" and 2 other employees from Lowes.  Mrs. "E" proudly displays her Certificate. (Picture by Fire Fighter Hunter.

Kenneth F. Fusco
Battalion Chief, Assistant Director
Fire/EMS Training Academy
Prince George's County Fire/EMS Dept.
9190 Commo Rd.
Cheltenham, MD 20623