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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Saving Dah'Mari - A PGFD EMS Week Success Story

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It is a birthday celebration that he nearly did not have.  On Friday, May 1, 2015, just before 6:00 pm, Firefighters, Medics and Police Officers were dispatched to an injured child with critical injuries in the 6200 block of Central Avenue in Seat Pleasant.  The children were under the cate of their grandmother at the time of the incident.  Senior Emergency Dispatch Aide Fay Madison handled the 911 call made by a Good Samaritan that noticed some commotion in the back seat of a nearby car. The 911 call taker obtained location information and immediately dispatched first responders and remained on the line providing pre-arrival instructions to help control the bleeding.  Two Seat Pleasant Police Officers were the first to arrive and initiated care to the victim.  Firefighter/Medics from the Capitol Heights Fire/EMS Station 805, on-board an engine and ambulance, arrived just seconds later. 

A 7-year-old male, Dah'Mari Jenkins, had sustained an accidental lacerating wound to his right leg from the sharpest of sharp instruments, a surgeon’s scalpel.  The scalpel is believed to have been left inside the vehicle after it was stolen earlier this year and discovered by the 7-year-old and an 8-year-old family member as they played in the back seat of a car in a shopping center parking lot.  The wound severed his femoral artery with an excessive amount of blood loss prior to public safety arrival.  

The severed femoral artery generated an almost total “bleed-out.”   Upon Fire/EMS Department arrival they quickly assessed the patient as having nearly total blood loss and suffering hemorrhagic shock, was unconscious with agonal breathing. 

Dah'Mari was immediately treated, loaded and transported to Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) in Washington, DC.  Seat Pleasant Police Officers, Sargent Aaron Forster and Police Officer Joan Powell, facilitated transport of family members and escorted the ambulance to the hospital thereby saving several valuable minutes.  Everyone knew that time was of the essence to get the child to a hospital.  

During transport Fire Fighter/Medic David R. Stream utilized both of his hands to apply direct pressure to the area of the wound and a developing hematoma under the skin, just above the laceration area.  Paramedic Ambulance 838, Chapel Oaks Fire/EMS Station, rendezvoused with the Capitol Heights ambulance on Addison Rd with Fire Fighter/Medic Edward G. Aldaco jumping on-board.   Medic Aldaco was successful in obtaining 2 IV’s providing fluid into the patient.  Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenant Robert C. Kight Jr. administering oxygen and made 2 attempts to intubate but was not able to complete the procedure as the patient resisted the device.

The Emergency Department staff at CNMC was alerted to the incoming trauma patient and standing-by for his arrival.  They immediately started to stabilize the child with blood transfusions, intubation and a quick trip to the Operating Room for the femoral repair. 

From time of dispatch to arrival at CNMC time was just 22 minutes. Without a doubt, this quick teamwork of 911, Police, Fire/EMS and hospital staff combined with a quick transport to the appropriate treatment center were key to survival.  It is nothing short of a miracle that he not only survived, but was able to be discharged Sunday evening May 3, 2015.

Upon hearing of his discharge Fire Fighter/Medic Kight contacted the family to check on the young child's condition.  Kight learned that Dah'Mari's 8th Birthday is on Thursday, May 7th and asked if he could celebrate it with the firefighters, medics, police officers and hospital staff that worked to save his life just 6 days prior to his birthday.

Individuals involved in Birthday reunion event

Dah’mari Jenkins
Ms. Tracy Jenkins - Grandmother (911 caller)
Ms. Brittney Jenkins - Mother

Dah'Mar's Rescuers

Prince George’s County Public Safety Communications

911 Call Taker – Senior Emergency Dispatch Aide Fay Madison 

Seat Pleasant Police Department

Sargent Aaron Forster
Police Officer Joan Powell

Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department

Capitol Heights Engine 805 
OIC Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenant Robert “Rob” Kight
Driver – Fire Fighter John Princiotta 
Bucket: Fire Fighter Christopher M. Deforest 

Ambulance 805
Driver: Fire Fighter/Medic Daniel R. McGown 
OIC: Fire Fighter/Medic David R.  Stream 

Paramedic Ambulance 838
Driver: Fire Fighter Stephanie M. Washington
OIC: Fire Fighter/Medic Edward Aldaco 

Children's National Health System:  

Dr. Randall (Randy) Burd, Chief of the Division of Trauma and Burn Surgery;
Emily Dorosz, RN, BSN, EMS/Base Station Coordinator;
Liz Berg, RN, BSN, Clinical Manager for Transport Medicine