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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Graduation of Career Recruit School #51

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On the evening of February 8, 2016, Career Recruit School (CRS) #51 of the Prince George's County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department graduated from the Fire/EMS Training and Leadership Academy.  Having successfully completed and passing the required physical abilities and curriculum of  the academy the recruits are now ready to serve Prince George's County as Firefighter/Medics.  Forty-five recruits, their families, friends and co-workers joined the Departments leadership, special guests and speakers shared in the pomp and circumstance of graduation.

Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker spoke to the graduating recruits about the "call to service," "a call to duty" and "to be there when you are called." Baker thanked the class for "the service your about to do and what you have already done."  The County Executive also highlighted family members and what they have endured so far through this journey and what they are about to endure as a loved one of a firefighter/medic.

During his comments, Prince George's County Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor stated, "In the end, it is important to recognize that there will not ALWAYS be a book on the shelf, or a class to take, that will teach you what “the right thing" is. Teamwork and crew integrity are critical - however, there will not ALWAYS be a partner standing by your side to point you in the right direction. You have been given the basics in your time at the Academy - now it's your turn to make a difference, this is your moment in time. Welcome to our team."

The keynote speaker for the event was Deputy Fire Administrator for the United States Fire Administration.  Dr. Onieal provided some very thought provoking comments to the recruits.  One story involved a personal story where a college admissions clerk made a difference in Onieal's life and he never forgot it.  He told the graduating class that this is the type of effect that they will have on people when they call you for help on perhaps the worst day of their life.  Dr. Onieal's complete speech can be seen in the video below.

Career Recruit School #51
 Scott A. Adams
Theresa L. Alexander
Christopher S. Bell
Melissa M. Bell
Richard D. Bennett
Darryl A. Brown, Jr.
William H. Buecker
Alexander Caron-Schuler
Chad M. Daubert
Wedmark A. Desir
Patrick A. Doering
Victor A. Fonka
Paul A. Fukem
Brian C. Ginfrida
Wendy P. Gutierrez
Cyle J. Hanker
Christopher A. Harris
Andre Harrison, Jr.
Kevin P. Kady
Ivan L. Lawit
Tyler J. Limeberry
Sean M. Losgar
Caleb S. Martin
Justin W. Martin
Patrick K. Mason
Ryan H. McAllister
Matthew K. McSherry
Corey J. Merrills
Charles L. Merritt II
Gregory P. Meyer
Derrell L. Pitts
Tyler J. Rago
Kaulin A. Rose
Charles D. Savel
Jeffrey N. Schaeffer
Bradley A. Schroeder
Ryan A. Schultz
Allison C. Shattuck
Christopher L. Sim
Zachary A. Stahly
Jason T. Stifler
Olivia Tacconelli
Jamey J. Tolson
Jared W. Trossbach
Melvin L. Wright


The Fire Suppression Scholastic Achievement Award is presented to an individual in each Career Recruit School who achieved the highest academic average on the fire suppression written and practical examinations.

The recipient of the Fire Suppression Scholastic Achievement Award is:



The Emergency Medical Service Scholastic Achievement Award is presented to an individual in Career Recruit School who achieved the highest academic average on the Emergency Medical Service Scholastic written and practical examinations.

The recipient of the Emergency Medical Service Award is:



The Instructor’s Award is presented to an individual in each Career Recruit School who has shown the highest level of personal improvement, development, and dedication during the class.  In short, we identify the individual who has contributed significantly to the success of the class overall either by helping others or through self-improvement.  The individual earning this award can be one with no previous experience in emergency services and progresses to an outstanding level of proficiency; or an experienced person who dedicates him or herself to assisting other class members be successful throughout Career Recruit School.

The recipient of the Instructor’s Award is:



The Memorial Award is a very special recognition presented to an outstanding individual from each Career Recruit School who has displayed that rarest combination of professionalism, courage, and "espirit de corps."  Such traits serve to honor their fallen comrades, and uphold the highest traditions of the Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Department.

The recipient of the Memorial Award is:



The Fire Chief's Award is the highest recognition for Career Recruit Schools.  This award is bestowed on an individual in recognition of achievements that have made significant contributions to the graduating class.  Selection criteria emphasize leadership, professional development, integrity, performance, and personal growth.  This award is given to the individual who best exemplifies the conduct required of the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department.

The recipient of the Fire Chief’s Award is:


CRS #51 Class Video

Watch entire Graduation Ceremony here