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Friday, October 21, 2011

PGFD and Lowe's Partner for Fire Safety

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

The Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Department partnered with Lowe’s of Largo, Maryland, today to promote safety for local homeowners.  Firefighters/Medics and employees of the Lowe's Home Improvement store on Campus Way South teamed up to check smoke alarms, provide fire safety and information prevention material.  Lowe's also provided reflective mail box numbers for homeowners that will assist first responders with a quick and easy location of exact address.

Sixteen Fire/EMS Department personnel and Lowe's employees went door-to-door on Kettering Drive Friday morning providing this valuable life saving information to very grateful members of the community.  Lowe’s of Largo provided smoke alarms and address numbers at no cost. 

Fire Lieutenant Eric Hurt from the Department’s Facilities and Resource Planning office coordinated today’s event with Lowe’s.  He stated, “We are appreciative of our partnership with Lowe’s in providing the resources and staff to help us keep Safety First.”

Staff from Lowe’s of Largo included:
Jonathan Stern, Human Resources Manager  
Ted Sligh, Assistant Store Manager
Kwessi Annor, Department Manager  
Aaron Allen, Customer Service Associate
Isaac Holdbrook, Customer Service Associate
Earlene Mayo, Customer Service Associate
Shonta Holmes, Customer Service Associate

In addition to Fire Lieutenant Eric Hurt the following Fire/EMS Department personnel participated in the door-to-door campaign:

Tommy (TJ) James, 1st Battalion Chief
Gus Yates, Acting Fire Captain, Largo/Kettering Fire/EMS Station 846 
Josh Reedy, Firefighter/Medic Lieutenant, Station 846 
Jameson Scarlata, Fire Technician, Technical Services
Mathew Kershaw, Firefighter/Medic, Station 846  
Damien Reid, Firefighter/Medic, Station 846   
Andrew Mika, Firefighter/Medic, Station 846  
Robert Herbert, Firefighter/Medic, Station 846   

Prince George's County citizens and residents may request a smoke alarm installed in their home, free of charge, by contacting our Safety First Smoke Alarm number at 301-864-SAFE (7233) or on-line by clicking here.

On Sunday, November 6, 2011, Daylight Savings Time will end and Firefighters will be reminding citizens and residents that when they move their clocks back one hour that it is a good time to replace the batteries in their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.  "Change Your Clock - Change Your Battery"

All photos by Mark E. Brady, PGFD PIO

Fire Technician Scarlata leads a group of happy Lowe's employees to provide fire safety information.

PGFD and Lowe's team up with Darrell Parker at his home on Kettering Drive.

PGFD and Lowe's team up with Ms. Dorothy Ford on Kettering Drive.

PGFD and Lowe's team up on Mr. Baskerville with fire safety info, a smoke alarm and address labels.

Jonathan Stern, Lowe's HR Manager, and Fire Lt. Hurt discuss fire safety with Mr. Ernest Baskerville at his home in the 400 block of Kettering Drive.

PGFD and Lowes greet Mr. McDowell of the 200 block of Kettering Drive with fire safety info, a smoke alarm and address labels that he quickly applied to his mailbox.

Mr. Irzeal McDowell wasted no time in applying his address labels to his mailbox.

Mr. Irzeal McDowell wasted no time in applying his address labels to his mailbox.

Lowes and PGFD team up on a Kettering resident with fire safety info, smoke alarm and address numbers for their mailbox.

Colin Campbell of the 400 block of Kettering Court receives fire safety information from Lowe's Customer Services Assistant Aaron Allen and Fire Lt. Eric Hurt.

Fire Lt. Eric Hurt successfully sounds a smoke alarm during a test.