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Thursday, January 22, 2015

PGFD Social Media Guidelines

Nothing new - the PGFD social media guidelines have been around for a few years.  From time to time I see information, images and videos posted on various websites by our personnel that obviously did not follow the guidelines.   I don't want to see anyone get in a jam because of something stupid.

Mark E. Brady
Chief Spokesperson/PIO 

Firefighters "Create" Opportunity to Train

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark e. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930
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There are some firefighters that want to be on every fire performing tasks they were trained to do and doing it the right way.  These are the firefighters that also are constantly thinking outside of the box, innovative and resourceful.  No waiting for the bell to ring here as the shift from Fire/EMS Station 846 built their own simulator and hope that other firefighters will take advantage of it. 

Firefighters at the Largo Fire/EMS Station 846 built and conducted a firefighter survival simulator in the bay at the station using common items ground around the firehouse. The crew used 6 metal bed frames, multiple wires, a backboard to simulate a wall, caution tape and mop sticks.

The firefighters practiced while wearing full PPE and used their assigned portable radios to simulate a MAYDAY transmission.  Multiple runs through different evolution's allowed the crew to try different methods of escape and to remove the SCOTT pack off their backs while maneuvering through the entanglement and remaining on air. Crews also practiced buddy breathing while two firefighters went through at the same time.

The simulator will remain in service to allow all the shifts to practice while on duty. The simulator will be open to neighboring stations to come by and train.

Personnel that constructed the training include:

Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenant Curk Smart
Fire Fighter/Medic George Raburn
Fire Fighter Travis Graybeal
Fire Fighter Judson Fox
Fire Fighter Mike Kopowski
Fire Fighter Brandy Kreitzer
Fire Fighter Brooke Trexler
Fire Fighter/MedicTracey Daily 

Images are courtesy of Fire Fighter George Raburn


The following promotions were announced by Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor.  

Effective Sunday January 25, 2015

Fire Fighter/Medic Captain Donald Fletcher, Jr.
Fire Fighter/Medic Captain Raphael Wells
Fire Fighter/Medic Captain Jonathon Bender
Fire Fighter/Medic Captain Ashley Breen

In announcing the promotions Chief Bashoor added, "Captains Fletcher, Bender, and Breen will remain in the positions they are currently acting in.  Captain Wells will remain at Fire Investigations. Please join me in congratulating the following folks on their promotions!!! 

Civilian position appointments will occur in the next 30 days, according to Chief Bashoor.

Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930