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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NFFF - "Chicago Fire Department - Everyone Goes Home"

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has released a video that should be watched by every member of the Fire/EMS Department and their family.  This video, about 40 minutes in duration, will reinforce everything you learned at the Training Academy.  Do you still practice what you learned?? 

This is the press release from the NFFF that goes with the video.

EMMITSBURG, MD –  In an effort to  make personal safety a  top priority, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) and the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) today released a new video, Chicago Fire Department – Everyone  Goes Home®.  Members of the CFD and families of fallen firefighters share their stories in this compelling and moving testimonial of the importance of adhering to safety standards and accepting personal responsibility for following procedures.

Chicago Fire Commissioner Robert Hoff was impressed by a video that the NFFF and the Fire Department of New York produced several years earlier to educate members about the importance of training and safety standards. The FDNY leadership had noticed behavioral improvement among its members following the release of their video. Hoff felt that the members of the CFD could benefit from hearing first-hand accounts of the lessons learned by their colleagues and invited the NFFF to collaborate on a video for Chicago.

“The culture of firefighting requires us to do everything we can to make sound decisions so we can be in a position to help the people we serve when they most need it,” said Ronald J. Siarnicki, executive director of the NFFF. “With this video the firefighters and leadership of the Chicago Fire Department are clearly showing the rest of the fire service you can still be a firefighter and at the same time do your best to make sure Everyone Goes Home®.”

More than two dozen survivors of fallen firefighters, including coworkers and family members, participated in the filming of Chicago Fire Department – Everyone Goes Home®.  The video took nearly one year to complete and was produced and directed by Rob Maloney of Cool Water Multimedia.