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Friday, July 24, 2015

Large Number of Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenant Promotions Announced

Prince George's County Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor announced a large number of promotions today.  He personally contacted each and every person receiving a promotion to congratulate them.  Afterward speaking with the soon-to-be Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenants he notified the rest of the Fire/EMS Department with this Email.


It is with great pleasure that I announce the following Firefighter/Paramedic (or Paramedic) Lieutenant promotions.  There will be three successive pay period effective dates as indicated below.  

As we work through the current budget challenges, it is gratifying to see the commitment to keeping our current compliment of officers.  This is the largest block of any single rank promotions in recent memory, certainly the largest during the Baker Administration.

I had the distinct honor of meeting and/or speaking with each of these folks over the past few days.  As I spoke with each of them and again as I type this message, I have been reminded that great "mission" and "vision" statements are essentially irrelevant without great people to execute that great mission and vision.

Congratulations to everyone - keep up the great work!

Fire Fighter/Paramedic Lieutenants

Effective Sunday July 26, 2015

Brian Stevens
Jeffrey Mattingly
Sean Simmons
Michael Hayter
Curk Smart
Aaron White
James Brown
Nathan Davies
Tiffany Brooking
Sara Shaffer
John Dement
Frederick Stapenhurst
Erica Hasan
Luke Gannett
Cody Wargo
Mark Kwiatkowski

Effective Sunday August 9, 2015

Pam Graham (Paramedic Lieutenant)
Christopher Brooks
Donald McDowell
Antonio Cole
Justin Shea
Katy Stuart
Lagrant Chambers
Mathew Morris
Jennifer Lawhorne
Richard Lawhorne
James Blandford
Chad Smart
Edward Mack
Kristofer Demattia
Christopher Hastings
Katherine Johnson

Effective Sunday August 23, 2015

Marcus Johnson
Christopher Blackistone
Benjamin Woodill
Richard Donohue
John Godenick
Chinette Roots
Justin Maynard
Jamieson Scarlata
Robert Mutchler
Jake Gigliotti
Corey Wargo
Malachi Alford
Michael Nasti
Andrew Lynch
William Porter
Robert Leonard
Wesley Auld
Marc Bashoor, Fire Chief
Prince George's County Fire/EMS
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Largo, MD 20774