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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MDA Tournament Update for Thursday

Teresa Crisman, an official with the IAFF Local 1619 MDA Softball Tournament Committee, passed along an update from Jack Mowatt.

Due to the heavy rains today and despite efforts by personnel to protect the fields, the games to determine the championship for the 2010 tournament that were to be held on Thursday is a wash. Rained out. No word on any future scheduling.

Still working on scheduling or format changes for the 2011 tournament scheduled to start on Friday. Stay tuned for updates.

Flooded Roads Strand Motorists

Prince Georges County Firefighter/Medics and the Departments Technical Rescue Team have responded on numerous incidents this afternoon that involved vehicles becoming stranded in high water on roadways. No injuries have been reported in any of these incidents. Motorists have self evacuated or have been assisted out by firefighters. If motorists approach a flooded roadway - Stop - Turn Around I Don't Drown. Motorists need to slow down and use extreme caution while traveling on roadways during this period of flash flooding that could extend through tonight.

The most recent incidents have occurred at the following:

6000 Glenn Dale Road
300 Ritchie Road
7100 Northern Avenue
6200 Suitland Road

View more videos at: http://nbcwashington.com.